Indian Passport Surrender Services

At Travco Holidays Pvt. Ltd., We provide complete Assistance for the following activities:

  • Surrender of Indian Passport
  • Registration at FRRO after you receive your Portuguese passport
  • Indian visa on Portuguese passport.
  • Indian Visa Extension
  • Exit cum Residence Permit
Q1: What is a Surrender Certificate?
A: A Surrender Certificate is issued to applicants willing to surrender their passport at Passport Offices mainly for renunciation of Indian citizenship and acquiring foreign nationality. This is a chargeable miscellaneous passport service.
Q2: Where can I get the application form for Surrender of Passport?
A: We shall assist you in completing the necessary formalities for Surrender of passport.
Q3: What is the fee for Surrender Certificate?
A: The fee for Surrender Certificate is mentioned below:
  • If you have acquired the Foreign Nationality on or after 01-Jun-2010 then you need to pay Five Thousand Indian Rupees (5000 INR).
  • If you have acquired the Foreign Nationality before 01-Jun-2010  then you need to pay Five Hundred Indian Rupees (500 INR).
Q4: What are the documents required for Surrender Certificate?
A: You need to submit the original passport and proof of foreign nationality.
Q5: Is Police Verification required for Surrender Certificate?
A: No, Police Verification is not required for Surrender Certificate.
Q6: My passport has been expired, Can I get Surrender Certificate for the same?
A: Yes, expired passports too can be presented for surrendering. Surrender will not, however, be allowed for Impounded, Revoked, Suspended, and Cancelled (against Re-issue) passports.

Note: In case any penalty or additional fee is due on the passport application, the corresponding passport cannot be surrendered using the new application until the respective payment is made.